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Buy Hay: Load Deliveries & Shed Sales

We specialise in 8x4x3 – mid size – ‘big square’ bales, and 8x4x4 large squares, we have quality, shedded hay to suit a wide variety of requirements.

As hay growers, contractors and users we have a unique insight into the fodder we deliver, having involvement the process well before strings were involved. We deliver hay that is ‘as described’ and feedtested.

We supply the feed that meets your stock program requirements.

35T Loads: B Double Deliveries
We understand that animal feed for large producers is a highly analysed area.
We offer a substantial list of feed tested hay for sale, with all types of product available to supply your feed requirements. By feed testing all of our hay for sale we can be confident we can offer you product that best fits your feed strategy.

We deliver direct from paddock off balers or shedded storage to you.
You can contact us for a feedtested hay list with delivered price quotes, get in touch by email: or phone 1800HAYSELL.

Small Lots
For the gardeners, we stock big squares of pea or cereal straw for mulch, with easy to break off ‘biscuits’ for spreading. A great value alternative for garden bed moisture retention and improving soil nutrient value and structure.

For smaller lots of hay for horse feed or stable bedding, small acreage stock feeding.

Give us a call to discuss your needs.

1800 HAY SELL (1800 429 735)